Sunday, July 5, 2015

Moving To Albion


We*l, I m**ed to Al****.  Sorry for the inconvenience. This is the National Payment Association, or NPA. This document has been marked PRIVATE UNLESS GIVEN FEE. You can either click here to read for free on another website this action may charge you if you are on a smart phone or similar device. >>> CLICK ME or you can click here to pay the requested fee of $500.67 and stay on this site. The fee will be transfered to the bank account registered on this device. >>>>>>>>   CLICK  ME.  

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Why The Gumdrops Fell From The Sky


You actually thought it was possible for gumdrops to fall from the sky.

Just wow................



Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Break-Disney Cruise

Hey everyone, how are you? I am going to blog about my amazing vacation on a Disney Cruise!! The first thing our family did was get on the boat. We walked into an upper balcony of the lobby were there were about 15 people in white suits who worked on the ship. 2 of the people had microphones and asked for our last name. We obviously sad "Bird" and the man said into the microphone "please welcome the Bird family" all of the workers clapped and we walked forward. About 1/2 of the workers said "welcome aboard". I was trying VERY hard not to smile but was VERY unsuccessful. Me and Abby had our swimming suits on so we found the pool and guess what we did we swam in it (duh). There was only 1 or 2 people in the pool at the time because we were one of the first groups to board. Me and Abby had so much fun splashing and playing in the pool. When me and abby got hungry we asked mom and dad if there was anything to eat here and dad was all like "oh yah, defiantly". And I asked "what"? Dad showed me a place called Pluto's dog house. Dad said "ok here is how it works, you put your hand on the counter and the worker (worker is probably not the word my dad used but c'mon do you really expect me to remember that?) will take your order. I put my hand on that counter so awesomely. I ordered a hamburger and my dad asked what Abby wanted and she said "chicken fingers". Me and Abby ate our lunch so awesomely (if you have not figured out yet I did everything on this cruise awesomely). When we were done with our lunches (the adults had eaten earlier when me and Abby were swimming) we decided to go to our room. When we got to our room our bags were already there. We went inside our room and I immediately looked inside the bathroom and this is what I found: Toilet Sink. "that's IT"??!!?? (if you are DYING to know the room next to it had a shower and a sink in it but I did not find out about until the next day) If I talked about everything on the cruise that I did this blog post would take 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 hours (who cares what number that is) so I will not talk about everything else I will just list some things that I thought were awesomely awesome. > Checking out the kids clubs (notice how that was plural) > Going to the movie theatre INSIDE THE BOAT and seeing Planes and Frozen in 3D > Going to the broadway theatre INSIDE THE BOAT and seeing these broadway shows Dreams, Toy Story The Musical, and The Golden Mickeys (Abby got to go on stage dressed up as a dwarf with Snow White) > Swimming with dolphins in Cozumel, Mexico and just enjoying the park there > Going to Cast Away Cay (Disney's private island) and playing on the beach, playing at a jungle gym in the water, and going down water slides that were totally EPIC > Actually getting to play in the kids clubs (again notice how that was plural) > Getting our picture taken with Disney characters > Free ice cream > Breakfast > All 3 of the restaurants > Breakfast > Breakfast Thanks for reading my blog and I want you to know how awesome this trip (it was as awesome as a potato (potatoes are really awesome by the way) Again thanks for reading my blog I know it was kind of long but YOLO right. Peace out from, Carsten A Bird

The Best Video Ever

Saturday, October 13, 2012

John Wayne Report

At school I had to do a famous Iowan report. I chose John Wayne.Here it is!!!!!!!!! This is my 2nd video ever! I had fun making it. I hope you like it!!!! Watch...

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Big Games

This weekend we played in the State Tournament. We won all our games. We even beat the #1 seed and we we're in the 4TH seed! We also beat the #2 seed. Our team got first place in the state. We were the best team in our league in the state of Iowa. I got a big trophy. Everybody on my team got a trophy for 1st place. Our coach got a plaque. We all were very excited. I played center field. I made a big catch there. I played left field. I caught a line drive in left field. I played right field and a little bit of 1st base. When I was up to bat I was hit by a pitch once in the chest and I caught the ball. Another time I was up to bat I hit the ball, I went to first. They overthrew the first baseman and I ran to second. Then I ran to third base. I almost got an in the park home run when they overthrew the catcher but coach told me to stay at 3rd. There happened to be 3 people on base so I drove in 3 runs in the championship game. When the game was over we went to the dugout and got all of our water bottles and dumped all of the water on our coach.  Jake had a jug that carried a lot of water.  And that's how my baseball tournament went. I hope you enjoyed this blog. Here are some pictures of my big games.